Our Email Addresses are changing

In January the Trust will be closing all emails that end NHS.net and we will be only using email addresses that end in “@candi.nhs.uk”.

Please update any saved contact details that you have to our new addresses. If you are unsure, you can still reach us on the @nhs.net addresses until December 2021.

We will also be sending out emails to our external contacts over the next couple of months to ensure that you do get notified of changed email addresses.

Our “@candi.ns.uk” email system has been accredited to the NHS Digital Secure Email Standard. Confirmation that we are a secure email system can be found on this link. If you are an @NHS.net user from another organisation or from an organisation with government-secure email addresses, you will not need to apply additional encryption to send email to us (e.g. with Egress / [Secure]) as we are compliant with the government secure / NHS Digital Secure Email standards.

For general enquiries about this change, please contact mycandi@candi.nhs.uk. For specific enquiries about new contact details, please ask your regular contacts.

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