One-way traffic on Dartmouth Park Hill

New hospital view - Dartmouth Park Hill

The construction of our new hospital at Highgate East is now well underway.    

Due to the location of the site in a residential area that is also very close to our Highgate hospital, the Whittington hospital and a school, our builders face a number of challenges in receiving crucial deliveries for the work. As onsite work intensifies, this challenge will only become greater.    

The health and safety of local people must always come first and with that in mind, it became necessary for our building contractor BAM, to request the local authority implements a one-way traffic system on Dartmouth Park Hill.   

Following a risk assessment, and discussions with local people and Islington's road safety teams, the request has been approved and a one-way system will be in place from Monday 25 October. This will mean that traffic will only be able to travel down Dartmouth Park Hill, vehicles will no longer be able to drive up the hill. This measure will be in place until October 2023.   

The traffic diversion has been carefully planned and alternative routes can be viewed here.  

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but this has become a necessary action to take to ensure the continued safety of those who live or work in the area. 

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