New film about our Art in the Age of Covid exhibition

The Arts Project has released a new documentary focussing on the Life in the Age of Covid exhibition, held at St Pancras Hospital, earlier this year. 

The film, also called Life in the Age of Covid, captures the voices of those involved in the exhibition and key figures at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

The 20-minute documentary, made by film -maker Anna Bowman, shows artist Alana Jelinek painting the huge wall mural that lined the Conference Centre and served as the focal point for the exhibition. It includes the soundtrack of birdsong, recorded by Rob Godman, that was a feature of the installation, along with testimony from some of the 21 creatives whose work was displayed.

The film serves as a record of the exhibition, which itself was an artistic record of lockdown during the pandemic. It can be seen on YouTube here, or on Vimeo here.

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