New electronic prescribing system at C&I

Person on laptop

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I) is making plans to introduce electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) across its hospital wards.

ePMA is already in use in many NHS trusts and offers a modern way of managing and administering medicines which improves patient safety and is part of the NHS Long Term Plan to bring in digital prescribing across the whole NHS.

Lucy Reeves, Chief Pharmacist at C&I said: “We are excited to be bringing ePMA into C&I. Results from other NHS trusts has shown that ePMA improves patient safety and clinical governance, reduces prescribing errors, delivers improved productivity, and results in financial savings.

“Looking to the longer term, and with service user’s permission, through ePMA we will be able to share individual patient’s medicine requirements with NHS partners involved in their care and treatment in a safe and streamlined way.

“We will be running training sessions for clinical consultants, nurse prescribers and pharmacists throughout the summer with the introduction of ePMA planned for autumn 2022.”

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