*NEW* 'That Alcohol and Drug Podcast' - listen today!

Better Lives, a service within C&I in partnership with Humankind and WDP, is excited to announce the launch of its brand new educational podcast, 'That Alcohol and Drug Podcast', which will look at issues relating to drugs and alcohol. 
Have you ever wondered where alcohol or drugs originated from? Or how they affect your brain or body? Or even the negative impacts alcohol or drugs has on families? That Alcohol and Drug Podcast will help to answer all of these questions!
With interviews from professionals from the alcohol and drug field and people who have their own experiences of alcohol or drugs themselves, That Alcohol and Drug Podcast delves into topics that are sometimes hard to talk about. This podcast will give you some insight into the conversations that take place within Better Lives services, teach you some new facts and de-bunk some myths. 

Episode 1

  • In this episode, we explore the affects of alcohol on the body and brain and how alcohol can affect families. Hosted by Reece Venema with guests Alison, Anita and Lolly. 

Episode 2

  • In this episode, we speak to drug and alcohol experts about party drugs – what they are, how they affect our bodies and mind and how they affect families and children. You’ll also hear from Joe who will tell his personal experience with party drugs. 
How it came about 
The podcast was a product of the first 2020 lockdown. Thinking of a creative way to reach people whilst not being able to see them, the Better Lives team took a leap into the airwaves and decided to record their knowledge through some microphones. That Alcohol and Drug Podcast naturally developed, with service users and staff members alike putting their hands up to share their stories and knowledge. The educational approach works to de-bunk some myths around alcohol and drugs, share evidence-informed information and take a lighter approach to a topic that is often burdened with social stigma and taboo. 
"I saw this as a median that was quite popular and I thought – why don’t we use it for our service users’ benefit?”, explains Reece Venema (pictured right), who is the host and creator of That Alcohol and Drug Podcast. Reece is a Social Worker by trade, working as a Family Worker within the Better Lives team. Combining his love for music and his skills as a social worker, Reece used the lockdown period to develop the podcast. Reece said: “We often hear of people who are hesitant to engage in treatment services because of a fear of judgement and the stigma around alcohol or drug use. We see this podcast as a way to bring down this barrier for people and to let them know that accessing our service isn’t scary.” 
Reece hopes that this podcast will act as a middle ground for people who are thinking about accessing Better Lives services. “I hope this puts a voice to the service and makes it more approachable to access us. We want the best for our service users and really do care about their wellbeing. Hopefully putting a voice to our work makes it easier for people to make that leap and access support."
If you are a service user with a story to tell, or a professional with some industry insights and would like to participate in the podcast, please email Reece via reece.venema@candi.nhs.uk. 


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