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National Apprenticeship Week 2020: Kevin Cann

kevin cann
This week is National Apprenticeship Week (3 Feb - 9 Feb 2020) - a chance for us to shine the light on some of the fantastic apprenticeships currently taking place at C&I.
Here, Kevin Cann, Risk and Patient Safety Manager talks about his level 7 Master’s in Management Practice and how it is benefiting his work at C&I and his own personal career journey.
  • What are you enjoying most about your apprenticeship?
What’s great about my Master’s degree is that I’m studying with a mix of people from different organisations such as Facebook, Coca Cola and IBM and it’s really refreshing to hear different views of organisational management from non-health professionals. Being able to bounce ideas around enables me to create new ideas which I can bring to my role.
I have great support from both my manager here at the Trust and my Birkbeck University tutors which I’m massively grateful for.
  • What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in your apprenticeship?
The biggest challenge I face is being disciplined with my time. I have three young children, work full-time and then need to find time to study on top of this. When deciding to do a Master’s you need to make sure you have an understanding of what you’re getting into and whether you will be able to manage your time effectively.
  • What difference is being on an apprenticeship making to your post?
My Master’s challenges the way I think and requires me to explore why certain things are done the way they are. I find this really interesting and it allows me to critique myself and allows me to develop more effective management techniques.
  • How are you planning on using your apprenticeship when it finishes?
For me, I undertook the apprenticeship to pursue a career in senior nursing management and I believe it is equipping me with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out the task in hand.
  • What would you say to someone considering doing an NHS apprenticeship?
Be brave, be ambitious and believe in yourself! It can be so easy to be self-critical but I really recommend people to explore what apprenticeships are out there which meet your needs for where you are both academically and professionally in your career.

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