Nasreen Sultana wins our latest Star of the Month award

Congratulations to Nasreen Sultana, Social Worker (pictured left with Bamidele Esuola who nominated Nasreen), who has been presented with our latest Star of the Month award for her dedicated, kind and compassionate work to support service users within the South Islington Recovery team.
Mark McLaughlin, Non-Executive Director, surprised Nasreen on Tuesday 9 March in a virtual team meeting to present the award. Nasreen was presented with with a gift voucher, certificate, badge and chocolates. Mark said: “To be nominated by someone who uses our service shows just how hard you work to support those we care for and I’m really pleased to be able to present you with our Star of the Month award today.”
Part of Nasreen’s nomination noted: “Nasreen Sultana represents the very best of social workers and care coordinators and what they do.  Nasreen Sultana is a kind, compassionate and nurturing social worker and care coordinator. A champion for the most vulnerable in the society.
“In my 28 years of me being within the mental health system, Nasreen Sultana is officially the youngest care coordinator and social worker that I have ever had, but at the same time she has been the most mature, the kindest, the most caring, and the most compassionate of them all.
"For the very first time in 28 years of being sectioned 22 times under the Mental Health Act, Nasreen was able to come to my flat with two doctors and gently, carefully and painstakingly explained for nearly an hour why she felt I needed to go to the hospital for respite and to be treated.
“Nasreen reasons with me and has a 2-way discussion with me about my plans, vision and aspirations and how I intend to carry them out and how she can support me in doing so and giving me the tools to accomplish them. She includes me in decision making about and how to draw up the best possible care plan for me.
“Nasreen has a good knowledge base of the British/Black African culture and ethnicity and she's culturally sensitive to, and equipped for my cultural needs and allows me to express my artistic and spiritual nature."
Nasreen said: "I am incredibly humbled by this nomination.  It is a powerful reminder for me on the importance of maintaining a compassionate and humane approach in work with our clients, to ensure we continue to deliver care with dignity."
If you know someone who deserves to be recognised as our next Star of the Month, you can nominate them here:

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