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Mentoring at C&I

One of the key commitments of the alliance between C&I and Barnet, Enfield and Haringey is ensuring that all staff have equal opportunity to progress and enjoy their careers.
A mentoring programme, which works across both trusts is proving a great success and we are highlighting its benefits as part of National Mentoring Day on 27 October.
The annual awareness day celebrates mentoring with a key focus on recognising excellence, showcasing the significant benefits mentoring  brings and encouraging more people to get involved.
To mark the day, at the end of October each year, events are held across the country, including a National Mentoring Day Summit and awards, celebrating the invaluable and rewarding contribution that mentoring makes not only for individuals, but also for organisations, our economy and our society.
This year, many of the events are being held online because of the pandemic, but there will still be interactive discussions, social media activities and virtual conferences to show the benefits of being a mentor and being mentored.
The mentor and mentee in one of our partnerships at C&I, describe below how they benefit from the mentoring programme:
Ian Griffiths, Divisional Director Acute Services - Mentor
I am the Divisional Director for Acute Services, with particular responsibility for quality and safety. I have had a personal and very positive experience of mentoring after being mentored by a senior nursing leader at another Trust two or three years ago.  It was fantastic to have the support and viewpoint of someone working in a different organisation.  It was especially helpful to get a different perspective on various situations.  It has been very interesting for me to mentor Naomi  as she works in a non-clinical role and I found it interesting to hear about her experience of working at the Trust.  It has been extremely rewarding to see Naomi's personal journey and development.  What is striking is her enthusiasm and how reflective and honest she has been about her experience.
Naomi Williams, C&I Head of Business Development - Mentee
Each month I have the opportunity to share my experiences, worries and aspirations with a senior, experienced colleague in the Trust. We have a great rapport (always lots of laughter!), and I really value our time together where I have the space to work through things that are important to me.  My mentor also offers guidance where he thinks it would be helpful, and seeks my opinion too, which hopefully means he also gains from our relationship.
I’d really recommend getting a mentor. It’s an excellent opportunity to have dedicated time each month to talk about you and your development. We’re all extremely busy and often we don’t set time aside to reflect about what’s happening day to day and plan for the future. 

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