Mental Health Awareness week 2015

It’s Mental Health Awareness week and the theme for this year is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the awareness of our thoughts and feelings as they happen. It can be beneficial because having an active awareness of negative thoughts and feelings can often be brought to the mainstream and addressed before they can begin to impact on our wellbeing.

Mindfulness therapies bring together the timeless traditions of mindfulness meditation with the science of modern psychology.  

Mindfulness meditation practice helps you:

  • To live fully in the present, rather than being stuck in worry about the past or the future
  • To be more aware of patterns of low mood and stress, and respond to them skilfully
  • To choose your actions wisely and take care of yourself
  • To learn to accept yourself and your feelings, however painful, as this can make you less likely to suffer from depression and stress in the future
  • To find calmness and equanimity within life’s joys and difficulties

Find out more about the courses that are avaiable on the iCope website.

Good mental health needs to be everyones priority, let us know what you're doing to support MHAW15. Tweet us @ci_nhs.

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