We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Launching our new Tobacco Dependence Service

We are excited to be launching our new Tobacco Dependence Service across our Partnership.

In line with the NHS Long Term Plan commitments (LTP, 2019), we are launching a new tobacco dependence service, with a focus on providing treatment to smokers who wish to quit and to those smokers who do not want to quit, to temporarily abstain from smoking whilst in Trust buildings or grounds.

The Tobacco Dependence Service will be delivering personalised bedside counselling, behavioural change, and pharmacotherapy support.

The Tobacco Dependence Advisors will develop a bespoke plan for each patient and will facilitate onwards referral and support for patients upon their discharge from hospital.

About the launch of the service, the team said:

“As health professionals, we have seen a vast number of patients from all ages admitted to hospital due to respiratory conditions and multifarious health problems caused by a history of smoking.

Removing this one risk factor from people’s life can increase their life span and improve their quality of life. As a tobacco dependence service, we will be able to support our patients who smoke with the aid of nicotine replacement therapy, behavioural support, and e-cigarettes. As our support is available in-house, it means patients will not have to travel for this service, meaning the change can start almost immediately”.

Find out more about the new service, meet the team and read about how our service users will be able to benefit from it by reading the document on the top right hand side.

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