Join us for a wellbeing webinar - 16 September, 4pm

Despite the easing of some lockdown measures, this continues to be a very challenging time for many.  With guidance changing on what feels like a daily basis, it is completely normal to feel a sense of uncertainty and frustration at being unable to plan ahead or to know what will happen next. 
Join our Medical Director Dr Vincent Kirchner,  the Trust’s Wellbeing Lead, Dr Beverley Flint, and Physical Health Lead, Christina Amin, on Wednesday 16 September, at 4pm, to discuss some of the challenges created by the pandemic, giving advice, sharing resources and taking your questions, comments and suggestions. Everyone is welcome to this public webinar, so please add this date and time to your diary.
If you have questions for the webinar panel, you can send them in advance to or you can text them during the live event using the Question function in Microsoft Teams.
You can join from any internet device; a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Please follow the steps below:
On Wednesday 16 September, just before 4pm, click on this link
You will be asked whether you want to download the Teams app. However, we recommend that you join by clicking the button that says Watch on the web instead
You will then be asked to Sign in – but you do not have to do this.  Underneath the Sign in link, just click on the link that says Join anonymously. If you join anonymously, your privacy is protected. Please be aware that if you sign in and give your name, rather than join anonymously, then it could be visible to others on the webinar if you ask a question during the live event.
During the webinar you will be able to contribute by typing your comments and questions into the box that says Ask a question. We may not have time to answer all questions but will get through as many as we can.
We will record the webinar and send you the link afterwards with information on any of the resources we discuss, so if you do have problems joining us live, you will at least we able to watch it later
If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams, you may find it useful to go through the above steps in advance. They will take you to a page that says: C&I Wellbeing webinar The live event hasn’t started yet. You can log off and then return to the page on 16 September at 4pm, for the live event.
Please be aware that the sound and picture quality will be dependent on how strong your internet connection is, however you will be able to watch the recording of the event afterwards if you cannot join it live.

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