We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Great attendance at Community Mental Health Summit

Almost 200 people including service users, carers and residents joined our Community Mental Health Summit on Wednesday (10 November 2021) to hear how we’re transforming community mental health care. 

The online Summit featured speeches from Trust CEO Jinjer Kandola, Deputy CEO Darren Summers, a question and answer session and interactive workshops to identify community priorities for transforming mental health care. 

Trust CEO Jinjer Kandola told attendees the multi-million pound programme to transform care would make it easier to get help with mental health challenges in future.

“We’re recruiting hundreds of new frontline workers and expanding services to treat more people more quickly. From April, every adult can expect to start receiving care within four weeks of referral. By 2024, we’ll be able to care for 10,000 more people.” 

Jinjer said new neighbourhood mental health teams rolling out over the next three years will provide “more flexible and personalised care that meets all of your needs while doing more to prevent mental health problems in the first place”.

Deputy CEO Darren Summers, who leads the NHS programme to transform community mental health care in North Central London, said the major expansion of services is now underway. 

“We’re rolling out the first of the neighbourhood teams this year. They’ll cover about one third of borough and local GP practices. In December, we’ll apply for funding to roll out more teams and expand coverage across each borough. By 2024, the new teams will be fully operational.”

Darren said the new neighbourhood services will be developed in consultation with local communities. “Once the new neighbourhood teams find their feet, they’ll reach out to communities to further develop services beyond the core services. These new services will be tailored to meet the unique needs of communities. With your help to shape these services, we expect to see big improvements in people’s mental health within a few years.” 

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