Crowds gather at the launch of the Recovery College

01 October 2014

Over 100 people attended C&I's launch of our Recovery College on Friday 26 September between 2-5pm, at the Bloomsbury Building on site at St Pancras Hospital (4 St Pancras Way NW1 0PE.)

Chair of the Trust, Leisha Fullick, got the afternoon off to a great start after she cut the ribbon and offically opened the college.

She was joined by C&I staff, members of the public and service users who have been involved with the project.

Marcia, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008, will be a peer tutor at the college which has helped her turn her life around.

She said, "I never imagined my experience of mental illness could be horned  into something positive. I can actually start my life again."

Marcia was half way through her PHD when she was diagnosed and couldn't understand why someone like her had a mental illness.

After this she lost interest in life and it is only now that she feels like she can focus her energy into a positive project.

She will be among the peer recovery tutors who share their experience of mental health or physical health challenges. Some tutors are also teaching a course which includes getting a good night's sleep, an introduction to anxiety and assertiveness for all, among other things.

She added, "Back then I didn't realise it wasn't normal to have no interest in anyone or anything.

"The Recovery College gave me the chance to restart my life and feel good and positive about myself.

"I will be a peer tutor and it will give me the opportunity to train other peer tutors and tailor a course for people.

"My bad experiences are behind me and I'm looking forward to a bright future where I can help other people."

The course tutors were at the launch alongside manager Iris Dearne who was thrilled to see her work come together.

She explained, "This is a new and exciting project which I am delighted to be leading.

"It's great seeing service users who have had first-hand experience of these conditions unite to try and show us what they think is important to help others understand health issues better.

"Our mission statement is: 'We believe recovery is possible and very much a journey of one's own self-discovery and strengths.  We are all students of life each moving forward and gaining knowledge in a meaningful way. Recovery is a personal sense of achievement, which opens the doors to new life opportunities and hope!'

"I can't wait to see what a difference this place will make to the lives of others."

The college has got an Open Access approach and people are seen as students and therefore they do not need referral or assessment. They need to enrol via registration for courses which can be completed online at /recoverycollege.

We value the input of service users, carers and staff. If you are interested in being part of the recovery college, either as a trust employee, volunteer or supporting the development of courses within an advisory group, please contact

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