Crisis and Home teams get Royal College accreditation

C&I Crisis resolution and home treatment teams

Congratulations to the managers and staff of the Islington Crisis Resolution Team and the North Camden Crisis Resolution Team who have been endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatry under the Home Treatment Accreditation Scheme. Achieving accreditation is an involved and extensive process. Therefore we offer our sincere thanks to all of the staff who are committed to maintaining high standards year after year.

The primary functions of Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment teams are to:
  • provide an alternative to acute inpatient care
  • provide a service that responds rapidly, and is intensive and time-limited
  • gatekeep acute inpatient beds to prevent admission of people who could be treated in the community
  • support early discharge of people who are admitted to acute inpatient services

Why accreditation is important:

Home treatment teams formed an integral part of a comprehensive mental health service as defined by the National Service Framework for Mental Health (DH 1999), and of the acute care pathway. (Acute Care Declaration, DH, 2009) Our accreditation scheme can support services to improve and demonstrate the quality of care they provide to service users and carers, their wider organisation and commissioners.
  • The standards provide a guide to the functions of a home treatment team, as well as supporting teams to achieve accreditation, which can help to protect services from dilution or amalgamation. Accreditation has been shown to help services gain the resources they need.
  • HTAS aims to provide quality monitoring and improvement as a nationwide scheme, allowing sharing of knowledge between home treatment teams across the UK.
  • Information gathered through the accreditation process can be used in Trust quality accounts, as recommended by the National Quality Board.

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