C&I working with One Housing to provide clinical care and social support under one roof

26 January 2015

C&I is working with housing associations to help save millions yet still improve the quality of adult mental health care.

Tile House was developed through a joint initiative with C&I, One Housing and Camden Council and aims to combine high quality accommodation, dedicated clinical support and personalised social care all under one roof.

A new report, Integration That Works, shows how Tile House has:

  • helped save the NHS nearly £900,000 (over £440,000 per annum) in mental health services since it opened in 2012
  • freed-up hospital beds by reducing the number of admissions and the overall length of stay by patients needing mental health care
  • supported people with complex mental health needs to build their confidence, live independently, improve their health and overall quality of life.

The partnership scheme, the first of its kind in the UK, adopts the new Care Support Plus model and offers an alternative to staying in hospital.

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