C&I welcomes the Care Act

1 April 2015

The Care Act modernises a range of old social care legislation, to underpin good practice. This means that social care will become more personalised and will be based around a person's wellbeing. The Act will be brought in in phases and will help ensure Local Authorities:

  • Assist people to seek independent financial advice, and to have greater choice in the care they receive by having the option to make top-up payments themselves if they wish
  • Provide a care and support plan, including a personal budget. A personal budget follows a person if they move location to another area of London or another part of the country, therefore ensuring continuity of care for providers
  • Assess and investigate those who are vulnerable and a risk - Safeguarding Adults
  • Mandate Carers Assessments

Everyone who receives care from social services will have a care account. There will be a cap on the maximum amount they will have to pay towards the care and support they are eligable for. More information can be found on the Camden and Islington local government websites.

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