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C&I psychologists interviewed for Radio 4 series on knife crime

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C&I Consultant Psychologists Dr Jeff Halperin and Dr Richard Grove have offered expert insight into the emotional impact on young people from a gang lifestyle, for a two week Radio 4 series examining knife crime.
The PM programme, broadcast from 5-6pm, has devoted 15 minutes daily over two weeks to broadcast different perspectives on the issue, including from family, victims, gang members, police, judiciary, youth workers and the care system.
The start point has been the fatal stabbing in Islington two years ago of 28-year-old JJ McPhillips after he intervened in a knife attack on a 17-year-old.
The 15 minute episode on Monday 8 April included interviews exploring the social and psychological impact on those involved in knife crime, and included the views of both Richard and Jeff, who are involved in a multi-agency gangs project in Camden.
Click here to listen to the feature which starts at the 19:20 point through the PM programme and Jeff and Richard feature between 31:38 and 34:11.
Richard talks about the “flat” response he sees in those involved in the gang lifestyle following a serious knife crime attack and why there isn’t more of an obvious emotional reaction. Jeff elaborates on the reasons for what outwardly often appears a cold, heartless response from those caught up in this lifestyle.

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