C&I nurse launches petition to help the homeless backed by Boris Johnson

One of our nurses started a successful petition to help the homeless by getting rid of street spikes and she mustered up nationwide support as well as backing from the Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Harriet Wells, who works at the North Camden Crisis Team, was horrified to see images of two-inch spikes on Southwark Bridge Road - that have since been removed - which aimed to deter the homeless from sleeping on particular patches, after a Twitter user posted images online.

She said: "The photo that came up on Twitter at Southwark Bridge Road was so barbaric and brutal. The whole idea of hiding the homelessness I was stunned by. I was saddened by the inhumane aspect of it all. I am pushing for a ban across London and the UK of these spikes."

Harriet has been delighted with the response to the petition and didn't realise just how popular it would be.

Since it was launched it has seen support from London's Mayor, Mr Johnson, who called the spikes "ugly, self-defeating and stupid" and insisted the developer should "remove them ASAP".

She explained: "I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response I've had. Especially considering I thought I was only one of few that was bothered by the spikes, then to get 132,000 signatures I was blown away. I feel really proud."

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