C&I moves training for Criminal Justice Staff online

C&I has delivered mental health awareness training to hundreds of people working in the criminal justice system, despite the lockdown and social distancing rules.
The Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) Education Team has been continuing to give Veterans’ Mental Health Awareness Training to a wide range of organisations working with offenders across London as part of a project commissioned by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.
The TILS team have now delivered this training to more than 250 staff including the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, Magistrates, Prison Staff, Liaison & Diversion, and Catch-22.   
Due to restrictions and guidelines across services because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the training can no longer be delivered as a face to face training for CJS Staff.
The team have therefore switched to delivering this training online as a webinar using Microsoft Teams. This has resulted in some excellent inter-agency collaboration. For example, the TILS Education Team delivered a webinar for the Stalking Threat Assessment Centre which comprises of Metropolitan Police, Probation and NHS staff. In turn, Psychologists from the Centre provided training to the TILS on stalking behaviours and veterans. This sharing of knowledge will help to improve the quality of the services provided by both teams.
Additionally, the TILS Education Team are in the process of developing an e-learning package on Veterans Mental Health Awareness in order to extend the reach and longevity of the project once funding ceases in March 2021. This e-learning training package will cover topics such as military culture, common mental health presentations of veterans, veteran offending behaviours, the role of trauma in offending behaviours, and some practical skills that can be used to support veterans. The package will also include videos co-produced with veterans to bring these topics to life.
The TILS Education Team are also building a Veteran Champions Network across CJS services and organisations. The Veteran Champion volunteers will be regularly updated about developments within veterans’ services and CPD events. They will also act as a point of contact between their organisation and the TILS to encourage joint working and to improve the pathways of care for veterans across the CJS in London.
While the last six months have been challenging, the TILS Education Team have continued to make great progress with this Criminal Justice System project, and they look forward to providing further updates in the future.
For more information, please contact: cim-tr.veteranstilservice-lse@nhs.net

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