C&I joins call for support of NHS staff affected by violence and aggression

Jinjer Kandola MBE, Camden, and Islington NHS FT’s (C&I) Chief Executive joined NHS leaders across the capital, on Monday 21 March, in signing an open letter thanking the majority of patients who show support to NHS staff but also warning that violence and aggression will not be tolerated. The letter was published as part of a summit where NHS leaders were joined by over 100 members of staff from across the capital to talk about reducing violence and aggression towards staff.

The latest published NHS Staff Survey results (2019-20) show 16,113 NHS staff in London reported that they had personally experienced physical violence at work from patients or members of the public at least once in the previous 12 months.

Adele McKay, Managing Director for C&I’s Hospital Division says: “The summit was an important event and an opportunity for NHS Trusts across the capital to share their learning on what works in this area. At C&I we are focusing on the prevention of violence and aggression against staff as well as improving our response. Being assaulted or abused at work is not OK, it’s not part of the job, and it’s not something NHS staff should put up with.

“We want everyone in C&I to feel confident about reporting any incidents of violence, aggression or hate crime, knowing that it will be taken seriously. We're actively working with the Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecution Service and NHS in London to increase prosecutions and convictions of people who assault or abuse NHS staff as part of an initiative known as Operation Cavell.”

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