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C&I introduces online-only payslips

The Trust has decided to stop supplying paper payslips to all employees from April this year.
With the introduction of the ESR portal and the payslip portal in C&I back in April 2018, the process for staff to access their payslips and P60s online has never been easier.  Nationally almost one million NHS employees are now accessing their payslips online, including 181,000 employees based within our own region.
With around 75% of staff having accessed ESR in the last three months and 50% of staff in the last 30 days, the Trust will be switching to online-only payslips from April 2020.
The implementation of online-only payslips and P60s will save the Trust about £10,000 a year in printing costs and reduce resources spent on organising and distributing this information, whilst at the same time reduce the associated data security risks of paper payslips being lost or sent to the wrong person or address.
See the FAQs factsheet about why this is being introduced.
Other benefits include:
  • Easy access to current and previous payslips and P60s via the internet and on mobile device
  • Ability for the employee to download payslips as PDF documents
  • Reduced risk of misplaced or lost payslips and P60s
  • Ability to access payslips and P60s from work or home
  • Ability to view payslip several days in advance of pay day
  • Reduction in waste associated with uncollected payslips and P60s
If you have any concerns about the proposal to switch to online payslips, please contact the Head of Workforce Intelligence, Craig.Stewart@candi.nhs.uk 

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