C&I helps develop Covid-19 recovery app

phone app

C&I has helped to develop a digital programme to help discharged Covid-19 patients deal with the symptoms of the illness.

The app is being trialled in London, and could be rolled out across the country if successful.

The service is delivered by an app and aims to treat discharged Covid-19 patients effectively with digital technology, using just 1 to 10 per cent of the staff and cutting down on potentially infectious hospital visits by former patients. The digital service helps treat the three main long-term symptoms of Covid-19: fatigue, breathing problems and anxiety.

C&I consultant Stuart Linke wrote the content for the mental health section of the app.

He said: " People recovering from COVID are experiencing high levels of anxiety and this seems to be as debilitating as the severe fatigue and breathlessness.

"There is not enough help available in community services to meet the enormous level of demand; so this app helps people to address their mental health needs by providing them with online information and psychological self-help tools.

"This recovery app has sections on mental health issues, breathlessness, fatigue and nutrition. The approach is holistic – recognising that improving physical and mental health go together."

The programme, which was developed in partnership with several London hospitals, is done through a tablet or phone app and includes physiotherapy, psychotherapy and nutritional advice. It is currenly only available to people who are being discharged from hospital and offered it by their healthcare professional.

The patient fills in a questionnaire, and based on their answers, a tailored plan is created, drawing on a range of medical experts. The activities are co-ordinated by a physiotherapist, who acts as the patient’s contact person.

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