C&I Consultant Psychiatrist recognised in prestigious RCPsych project

A consultant psychiatrist at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I) has been honoured by the prestigious Royal College of Psychiatrists as one of 25 women nationally who have achieved great things despite huge hurdles.
Dr Sarah Minot, who works within the Better Lives Team, was selected for the ‘25Women’ project which highlights the stories of 25 inspirational women members, fellows, affiliates or trainee psychiatrists of the Royal College of Psychiatrists who might be seen as unsung heroes or who are relatively hidden from the usual professional means of recognition and award.
The project is part of the College’s Women's Mental Health Special Interest Group 25 year anniversary celebrations. Dr Minot’s submitted her career journey story, where she described the challenges of being severely dyslexic and the obstacles she has had to overcome to get where she is today.
Part of Dr Minot’s submission said: “I am not your average high-flying school leaver who was always at the top of the class, but someone who really struggled at school and battled with professional training. I have severe dyslexia and have had to overcome barriers constantly along my educational pathway – throughout school, when gaining a place to study medicine, being successful in membership examinations and gaining entry onto the Specialist Register. Only through the support of others, my own self-belief, grit and determination have I managed to achieve success.”
The aim of the project is to remind us that success has many forms, especially when life both inside and outside of medical work is so challenging. 
Dr Minot said: “I feel very proud to have been selected for this project and to have my career journey recognised in such a way. I also feel very lucky to have C&I as my employer. I have always felt supported as a consultant working for the Trust and know that the locum consultant position at Kingston Wellbeing Service opened so many doors for me and has led to many opportunities.”
"It is a great honour to be part of such an inspirational group of women psychiatrists and I hope that our stories help to promote psychiatry as a career and the role of women within the specialty. We all bring such different perspectives to our work and that creates a richness and depth which can only be of benefit to our clients. Within my work in the Trust, I have tried to take on roles which promote fairness and equality and these are core goals of the 25 Women Project."
For more information about the 25Women project and to read Dr Minot's story in full, along with the stories of others, please click here

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