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C&I Annual Members' Meeting - Wednesday 25 November 2020

Please join us for our Annual Members’ Meeting 25 November, at 4.30pm. For the first time we are holding the event online, and are hoping that more people than ever will be able to join us, as this year you will be able to join from any location, work or home. 

To join, click on this link shortly before 4.30pm on Wednesday 25 November.

Our guest speaker will be Claire Murdoch  NHS England and Improvement National Mental Health Director, who will be outlining plans for the future and reflecting on the past year.

We do hope you will join us at this event, which is a great opportunity to hear about our experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, what we achieved in 2019/20 and our plans for the future.

The event will be open for everyone to join, on any device. If you already have the Teams app, you can watch on that; if not, you can watch through an internet browser.

There will also be an opportunity to put questions to our Board. Please email questions in advance to Communications@candi.nhs.uk or use the Question function in Teams during the live event.

How to join our Annual Members Meeting webinar - a guide for those unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams

You can join from any internet device; a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams and want to join the meeting anonymously, please follow the steps below:

  • On Wednesday 25 November, just before 4.30pm, click on this link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_NDc0OTlkYWEtZmQ2NS00NzZmLWJmMTctYThhODE3NjA3NDRl%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22f7036856-e747-4d73-8822-d2eed01b6901%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22b77479eb-597c-4c81-bcda-bdc7471607c5%22%2c%22IsBroadcastMeeting%22%3atrue%7d
  • If the link doesnt work, copy and paste the URL into a browser
  • You will be asked whether you want to download the Teams app, if you do not already have it. If you want to join anonymously, for your privacy, we recommend that you join by clicking the button that says Watch on the web instead
  • You will then be asked to Sign in – but you do not have to do this.  Underneath the Sign in link, just click on the link that says Join anonymously. If you join anonymously, your privacy is protected. Please be aware that if you sign in and give your name, rather than join anonymously, then it could be visible to others on the webinar if you ask a question during the live event.
  • During the webinar you will be able to contribute by opening the Q&A function in Teams by clicking on the ? icon in the top-right hand corner of the screen and typing your comments and questions into the box that says Ask a question. We may not have time to answer all questions but will get through as many as we can.
  • We will record the webinar and send you the link afterwards with information on any of the resources we discuss, so if you do have problems joining us live, you will at least we able to watch it later


If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams, you may find it useful to go through the above steps in advance. They will take you to a page that says: C&I Annual Members' Meeting 2020 The live event hasn’t started yet.

You can log off and then return to the page on  Wednesday 25 November, just before 4.30pm, for the live event.

Please be aware that the sound and picture quality will, to some extent, be dependent on how strong your internet connection is. 

At this meeting we will be presenting our Annual Report and Accounts, which can be seen in full here.

The Agenda 

  • 4.30pm  Welcome

  • 4.35pm NHS England and Improvement Director of Mental Health, Claire Murdoch

  • 4.45pm Trust Chair Jackie Smith

  • 4.55pm CEO Angela McNab

  • 5.05pm Director of Nursing and Quality, Dean Howells

  • 5.10pm Director of Finance David Wragg

  • 5.20pm Lead Governor Professor Wendy Savage

  • 5.25pm Questions



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