Chief Executive backs letter to Boris Johnson about air quality in Camden

12 February 2015

Chief Executive Wendy Wallace has backed a letter sent to the Mayor of London about air quality on Euston Road.

She joined a group of organisations drawn from Camden's health sector located around the Euston Road voicing concerns about the recent Transport for London (TfL) consultation for a proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

The effects of poor air quality on public health are striking. Around 3,400 deaths per year in London can be attributed to just one particular air pollutant, while the impacts of poor air quality are well-known particularly with children and the elderly who are disproportionately affected.

Although the group welcomes TfL's proposal as an important first step to improve air quality in London there are concerns that the ULEZ proposals do not go far enough.

The introduction of a ULEZ would be a unique opportunity to significantly improve air quality across London, yet the proposed scheme may mean opportunities are being missed.

Additionally, the letter outlines the implications that the ULEZ might have for the area around Euston Road, which suffers from some of the capital's worst air quality.




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