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Celebration of Social Care

Social care work in Islington has been celebrated at a special event at Islington Town Hall.
More than 40 staff members from a number of Adult Social Care (ASC) teams joined together to recognise key achievements in the department during 2018. Some of the achievements recognised were:
• Newly Qualified Social Workers who completed their first year in practice as well as their assessors and mentors
• Social Workers who had supported and assessed students on placements in their teams and those who had completed a Practice Education course
• Social Workers in the Mental Health service who achieved Approved Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP) status
• Individual recognition of excellent practice
• Stars of the Month from ASC teams
 Katharine Wilmette, Director of Adult Social Care, Islington Council, attended and formally opened the event with her reflections on the year and her thanks to all staff for their hard work and dedication.
 As well as the presentation of certificates, those who attended took part a festive quiz to celebrate the end of the year.
It is hoped the celebration will become an annual event to ensure that social care practitioners feel recognised for the vital work that they do in supporting vulnerable adults and carers in the community.
A full list of those commended:
Practice Educators (2018-19)
•         Sue Dean
•         Benjamin Ferry
•         Samm Hamilton-Hoo
•         Patricia Goulbourne
•         Hannah Adams
•         Joanna Brown (mentor) -
•         Anna Maus
•         Diana Brown
 Practice Education courses
•         Hannah Adams (Combined course at UEL)
•         Lela Bastoni
•         Nasreen Sultana
•         Natalie Cummings
 Mental Health staff
 Erkan Baydu - for bringing his experience from ildp into mh services and working to widen the understanding of direct payments, strengths based practice and choice and control.  He has also worked with the CCG to develop personal health budgets in mh (nominated by Anna Grainger)
 Caroline Spencer for running an excellent and efficient AMHP service, in spite of personal adversary and the recent death of Alison a much respected Camden AMHP manager.
 Sonji Mitchell - for recent work on a Q1 project identifying MH Su’s who use alcohol/substances to self-medicate-how we can improve their care and earlier identification of their needs, also Sonji for her abilities to engage difficult SU’s and carers whom everyone else has given up on.
 Mandy Woods - for her work with the discharge team at HMHC, for identify people for early discharge and making it happen, using her knowledge of Islington services to link people into and freeing up much needed psychiatric beds for others. Having a social care perspective on MH SU and thinking outside the box of the medical model.

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