Celebrating our BAME communities

The Black Lives Matter exhibition which has been running in the corridor of West Wing at St Pancras outside the conference centre for the past few months will shortly be splitting, with half of the exhibits getting a designated space in the staff canteen at St Pancras and the rest being housed in the room to the right of the entrance at Highgate.  This will allow space for a new exhibition at St Pancras by the Arts Project while also keeping the Black Lives Matter and Black History Month at the forefront of our minds in the two new areas. We would welcome contributions from any budding artists or anyone else wishing to mark Black History Month from their personal point of view.  We are also continuing to accept fresh contributions to our Black Lives Matter displays. Please email communications@candi.nhs.uk to organise.

We also have an online book of support. You can read messages in the book, and add your own messages, photos and videos here.


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