NHS 73rd birthday and COVID vaccination programme

A message from our Deputy Lead Governor Elect & Public Governor Islington, Olga Cecilia Farach:

The Governors of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust would like to thank all NHS staff and partners as we celebrate the 73rd birthday of the NHS.
This last year the NHS has been through a time like no other; it has been very challenging for the whole country but now we are looking forward with hope. 
According to Government figures, there have been 4.9 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and more than 128,000 people have died. 

However, more than 45 million people have had two doses of vaccine, protecting them from COVID-19. This, the NHS’s biggest inoculation programme ever, is helping the country to recover from the pandemic.

The NHS could not have reached these vaccination numbers without the dedication and support of our paid and unpaid workers, returner workers, public and private organisations, charities, communities and help from members of the public. 

Thus, this NHS’s 73rd birthday offers us all a chance to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this massive effort.
Let’s take the opportunity to celebrate our birthday, by also encouraging everyone who is eligible to have the immunisation to protect yourself and our NHS.

The picture shows the C&I vaccination hub at Camden Mews.


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