Cavendish Square Group marks new chapter for mental health

25 February 2015

Wendy Wallace, C&I's Chief Executive, will join The Cavendish Square Group, a new collaboration between London's ten NHS mental health Trusts, which will outline its aspirations for the mental health of citizens living and working in the capital at its official launch today.

The Cavendish Square Group has been established to offer a collective voice to the ten London NHS mental health Trusts and the broader mental health community in the capital including service users and clinicians.

The Minister of State for Care and Support, the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP, will deliver the inaugural lecture at the launch. An avid campaigner for mental health, he said: "I applaud this initiative. Partnership is becoming ever more important in our health and care service, and I look forward to seeing how the Cavendish Square Group's work will continue to shape the future of the capital's mental health care."

The Chief Executives of the ten Trusts have been meeting at 20 Cavendish Square for over a decade to discuss issues of common interest. More recently, this pan-London collaboration has been extended to include regular meetings between the ten Trust Medical Directors.

The discussion forums proved to be a valuable space in which to consider the complex challenges facing the mental health community in London, and the Trusts' leadership decided to formalise their commitment to tackling those challenges together as the Cavendish Square Group.

The Group will outline three aspirations for London at its inaugural event, namely: to make London the most mental health friendly work economy in the world; close the life expectancy gap for Londoners with a mental health problem and ensure that London is a centre of excellence for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

"Good mental health - like good physical health - is central to the success of London's economy and the wellbeing of its citizens," says Claire Murdoch, chair of the Cavendish Square Group.

"It is crucial that mental health moves up our city's agenda; it should be seen as a priority by individuals and employers, by parents and educators and by clinicians and policy makers. There is no health without mental health and it is unacceptable that Londoners with mental health problems are dying on average 10 -15 years earlier than their peers.

"Every London NHS mental health Trust has committed to collectively strive to better understand, better treat and better meet London's unique mental health needs. The drive for true parity of esteem and an appropriate share of health resources is the first step towards achieving this goal, and that drive starts today in earnest, with the launch of the Cavendish Square Group."



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