CASA CHROMATIC art exhibition

The Arts Project presents one of our boldest and most ambitious exhibitions so far. The wonderful colours and different exhibits are so welcome during this challenging time.


Sue Kreitzman, the Queen of Colour, and a group of 33 dynamic artists including some of the exciting new names in UK outsider art invite you into our house of charismatic colour

Colour is both in the eye of the beholder and an integral part of the visible world. For some, it is nothing less than obsession. Along with patterns, shapes, and textures, colour defines our artistic vision of life and can reveal aspects of the world around us, entwined with emotions, memories and passions. We invite you to join us to experience it for yourself.

Opening date and location:  Monday 8/11/21 to 28/3/22 at St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre, 4 St. Pancras Way, London, NW1 0PE. Contact:  Peter Herbert, Curator Manager, Arts Project via 020 79138416 or


Step into a very different world of rooms, shapes and possibilities of colour linked into ideas inspired by a multi layered house. Set in a beautiful Victorian built healthcare building at St Pancras Hospital, we invite you to experience:


  1. An installation Kitschen created by Sue Kreitzman and John William that resembles an ultra rich-in-kitsch waiting room of a Sci-Fi kitchen from space
  2. A bathroom made for merpeople containing a huge bewitching God-like peeping eye, hand woven by Jaime Freestone, that overlooks a mermaid in a bath with bubbles, ducks and signs of fairy tale fables
  3. An elegant Baroque mantlepiece with fireplace flames, designed by Marius Els that is also the home of family nostalgia and portraits
  4. A blood red chartreuse room made by Terence Wilde that takes the empowerment of women as inspiration from the words and dreamy visuals of writer Angela Carter
  5. A child’s room including antique bric-a-brac, a crazy cornucopia designed from the rich febrile imagination of Sheona Josiah, the wild animal inspired creatures of Helen Roeten (who just want to escape and have fun) and the heartfelt wishes of Cansu Odemis, who wants all children to have a safe haven
  6. A miniature toilet for women created by Rachel Hodgson that links the female experience to bodily functions. This is offset by the giant-sized mouths, lips and a thought bubble made out of recycled plastic shopping bags by Vivien Horn
  7. Step into Kathy Keefe’s Conservatory which brings to life the Parisian boudoirs of 1920s idol Josephine Baker
  8. Momtaz Begum-Hossain creates a magical, inspiring and empowering crafts room for all ages. We offer an open-plan dressing room for ladies that includes a powerful dress made by Anne Sophie Cochevelou for our brave new ecological world. Sue Kreitzman creates the shape of a glass pyramid complete with treasures inspired by the land of the pharaohs.
  9. Look out for other not so hidden gems including the long-awaited return of Sam Miller with memory time inspired glass boxes, and the millinery imagination of Richard Kaby in full neon-lit flights of nylon fancy
  10. The house includes a memorial to nine of our Arts Project artists and supporters who, sadly, died during the last few years and is inspired by the burial traditions of Native Americans, creating structures facing up to the sky for the dead.
  11. We are proud to present work from artists new to the Arts Project that includes Karen Progl, Jemma Channing, Danny Jackson, Sketch Appeal, Sue Plowright, Carrie Ravenscroft , Natalie Webband Julie Watson. We also welcome established artists exhibiting new work including Florent Bidois, DaddyStreetfox, Marion Hack, Peter Herbert, Susie Johns, Elizabeth Joseph, Maria Fernanda Latif, Queer Art House, Dan Upson and Emma White.



  • 33 artists present artwork on all aspects of colour, inspired by love, and the joy of its power.  Our exhibition closes the year and welcomes another with a vivid fiesta of beauty, warmth, vigour and imagination. The exhibition features work by established professional and self-taught outsider artists and includes artists new to the gallery. It offers a chance to see the creative development of artists supported by The Arts Project, networking patients, relatives, creative members of staff, the local arts community and visitors.
  • The Arts Project is generously supported by The Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund Registration no: 1082989 which provide arts in Health Care locations.
  • The exhibition is the subject of a film being made by documentary filmmaker Anna Bowman, to be screened at the end of the exhibition.

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