Brigid Hamilton wins April’s Star of the Month

Brigid Hamilton with Leisha Fullick

“I enjoy everything about my role and the supportive team I work with and to receive this award was completely unexpected – thank you so much for this lovely recognition!” said Brigid Hamilton, a C&I Blood Borne Virus Clinical Nurse who was presented with our latest Star of the Month award for April.

Brigid, who has worked for the Islington Better Lives Service since 2016, was presented with the award by Trust Chair, Leisha Fullick, on Wednesday 9 April 2019.

Leisha said: “As a Trust, we are committed to recognising the importance of how our physical health is in relation to our mental health, and the dedicated work Brigid is providing here for our service users is invaluable. On behalf of the Trust, I’d like to thank you for all the brilliant work you are doing and congratulate you on winning our Star of the Month award.”

The award recognises Brigid’s work in making major strides in developing this specialist service for service users - many of whom are at high risk of contracting Hepatitis C, and other blood borne viruses as a result of illicit drug using behaviours. Brigid continuously ensures the service meets its targets on Hepatitis C testing and Hepatitis B vaccination uptake.

The nomination also touched upon how Brigid has been pivotal in evolving links with partner agencies to carry out in-house evidence based Hepatitis C treatment for those identified as having the virus, as well as links to ensure service users have access to a regular TB check from the visiting mobile screening unit and mobile fibro scanning.

Martin Mulligan, Clinical Lead and Brigid’s colleague, said: “Brigid’s commitment and dedication to the service is why as a trust we are leading on Hepatitis C testing and Hepatitis B vaccination uptake. Her work has had a hugely positive impact on both our service user’s health and wellbeing and has empowered our entire staff team to be able to confidently engage many of our service users into these in-house treatments for their physical health.”

Martin added: “We are also very grateful for all Brigid’s work to deliver training to colleagues and stakeholders about the physical health issues our service users face, and ensuring that these treatments are an integral part of every service users plan.”

The Islington Better Lives service runs in partnership with WDP and Human Kind.

Brigid was presented with a gift voucher, certificate, badge and biscuits and applauded by her colleagues from the service.

Do you know of a deserving Star of the Month winner? Click here to nominate either a colleague or a team. 

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