Season’s greetings to all our FT members

Seasons greetings from our Governors

Changes to our emails

15 December 2021

All communications, including referrals, should now be sent to email addresses. C&I will be closing all accounts on 14 January 2022. Please update your contact details to our new addresses.

Community Mental Health - November newsletter

29 November 2021

Read about the Mental Health Summit in the November edition of the Community Mental Health Newsletter.

We are changing the way we plan care

25 November 2021

Learn about how we are changing the way we plan your care

Camden Acute Day Unit

24 November 2021

We know that the future of the Camden Acute Day Unit is something that many of our service users are very keen to know more about, and we will continue to keep them informed.

How we’re transforming community mental health care

15 November 2021

Deputy CEO Darren Summers outlines our progress and plans for transforming community mental health care by 2024. 

Making it easy to get mental health help

15 November 2021

Trust CEO Jinjer Kandola’s explains why you’ll soon find it easier to get help with mental health challenges. 

Great attendance at Community Mental Health Summit

12 November 2021

Read about what happened at our first Community Mental Health Summit.

CASA CHROMATIC art exhibition

5 November

The Arts Project presents one of our boldest and most ambitious exhibitions so far.

Community mental health update

26 October 2021

Read this month’s community update to find out how we’re transforming care to improve quality of life for people experiencing significant mental health challenges.


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