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Primary care and the crisis pathway

PICT provides consultation and training in primary care (ie., GP practices in Camden and Islington) and to services within the crisis pathway (eg., crisis resolution home treatment teams, crisis houses, acute inpatient wards). The aim is to support staff in those services to identify individuals with personality disorder (not necessarily diagnosed) and find ways to work more effectively with this population.

The desired outcomes from this work are:

  • Improved identification of personality disorder
  • Improved crisis prevention and crisis management
  • Improved staff capabilities and confidence to care management service users presenting with personality disorder or other complex mental health presentations
  • Improved service user experience of services Safe reduction in the emergency or crisis use of services
  • Promoting service user self-management capacities that are in line with a life worth living

The Team


Dr Olivia Southwell (South Islington)

Dr Farha Choudhary (North Islington)


Dr Amandip Bahia

Contact: 020 3317 6999

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