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Staff team

Reception/ Clinical Administration

Ikraam Qureshi, Clinical Administrator

Management Team

Zoe Dent, Service Lead and Community Team Manager

Dr Lisle Scott, Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Abi Herbert, Therapies Team Manager

Post currently vacant, PICT Service Manager/ Lead

Guillaume Bonamy, Community Team Manager

Dr Gareth Mitchell, Therapies Team Clinical Lead

Dr Andrew White, Community Team Clinical Lead

Therapies Team

Dr Margarita Sarri, Clinical Psychologist

Alex Milne, Clinical Specialist Nurse

Dr Sapphire Weerakone, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Angie Cucchi, Counselling Psychologist

Dr Johanna Goll, Clinical Psychologist

Pierise Marshall, Assistant Psychologist

Khalid Ahmad, Assistant Psychologist

Community Team

Brigid Falconer, Clinical Specialist Social Worker- Camden

Hannah Adams, Clinical Specialist Social Worker- Islington

Joanna Brown, Clinical Specialist Social Worker- Islington

Lucy Martin, Clinical Specialist Nurse

Helen Rose, Clinical Specialist Social Worker

Aisling Coyle, Clinical Specialsit Social Worker

Dr Connie Geyer, Clinical Psychologist, Camden Mind the Gap

Marta Derecka, Clinical Specialist Psychologist

Lesley Taylor, Clinical Specialist Social Worker

PICT (Psychologically-Informed Consultation and Training)

Dr Rebecca Rose, Clinical Psychologist - Islington 18-24 Gangs & Serious Youth Violence Transitions Service

Dr Rosamund Raine, Clinical Psychologist - Islington Families First (Highbury & Hornsey and Holloway & Cannonbury)

Dr Olivia Southwell Clinical Psychologist - Islington Personality Disorder Primary Care & Crisis Pathway

Dr Farha Choudhary, Counselling Psychologist - Islington Children in Need & Personality Disorder Primary Care Pathway

SIM (Serenity Integrated Management)

Eric Misewe, Clinical Specialist Nurse

Post currently vacant, Police Clinical Specialist

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