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PDS Staff Team

Reception / Clinical Administration

Mashama Pearce, Clinical Admininstrator

Kathryn Blanthorne, Assistant Practitioner


Management Team

Dr Abi Herbert, Interim Service Lead & Therapies Team Manager / Clinical Psychologist

Dr Tiago Gandra, Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Guillaume Bonamy, Community Team Manager / Senior Clinical Specialist Nurse

Gareth Mitchell, Therapies Team Clinical Lead / Clinical Psychologist

Dr Andrew White, Community Team Clinical Lead / Clinical Psychologist


Therapies Team

Alex Milne, Clinical Specialist Nurse

Dr Johanna Goll, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Liam McAuliffe, Clinical Psychologist (Maternity cover)

Dr Sapphire Weerakone, Clinical Psychologist (Maternity Leave)

Dr Sophie Colman, Clinical Psychologist

Matthew Maclure, Assistant Psychologist

Kathryn Blanthorne, Assistant Psychologist


Community Team

Brigid Falconer, Clinical Specialist Social Worker (Camden)

Vacant, Clinical Specialist Social Worker (Islington)

Cassie Tickell Painter, Clinical Specialist Social Worker

Joanna Brown, Clinical Specialist Social Worker (Islington)

Dr Lauren Stock, Counselling Psychologist, Camden Minding the Gap

Lesley Taylor, Clinical Specialist Social Worker

Lucy Martin, Senior Clinical Specialist Nurse / Acute Liaison

Michaela McGuigan, Clinical Specialist Social Worker (Camden)

Peter Bodis, Clinical Specialist Art Therapist

Adele Grison, Clinical Specialist Social Worker

Vanessa Morris, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist

Callan Smith-MacDonald, Assistant Practitioner/Carers Lead


Trainees / Students

Core Trainee Psychiatrist(s)

Trainee Clinical and Counselling Psychologists

Trainee Nurses

Trainee Social Workers

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