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Why talk to us

  • Are you feeling worried about a parent / adult you are working with?
  • Do you think they might be experiencing a mental health difficulty?
  • Would you like to know about what support is out there for this person or to make a referral?
  • Do they become tearful / anxious / angry in meetings? Are you finding it difficult to engage with the parent?
  • Is it hard to keep them on track in meetings? Do you feel confused about what is going on for them?
  • Do you feel stuck or confused? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

A member of the parental mental health team can have a conversation with you about your concerns and work with you on a helpful course of action. This could involve further consultation, joint work, a referral to or liaison with mental health services, or a brief intervention. There is no referral form or exclusion criteria - the PMH psychologist in your team can be approached in person in your office, or by phone or email. 

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