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Parental Mental Health Team

The Parental Mental Health Team is a innovative service that is integrating Adult Mental Health into Children's Services. We are part of a wider Psychologically-Informed Consultation & Training (PICT) service, run by the Trust's Personality Disorder Service.

We are a non caseholding service model of consultation, training and joint working, co-located with a number of Children's Services. We aim to help them to work more effectively with people presenting with complex and challenging mental health presentations, including personality disorder. Although we are a parental mental health service, we support practitioners with any adult in the family.

For a presentation explaining the PMH team's work, please see below.  The presentation is compatible with IE 9 and above, Firefox, and Chrome (which can be downloaded on any computer, without administrative privileges).



Who we are

Dr Michelle Tolfrey - attached to Specialist Multi-Outreach Service (SMAOS - comprises IFIT and AMASS)

Dr. Fiona Ram - attached to Families First (Highbury and Hornsey), Families First (Holloway and Canonbury)

Vacant post - attached to Children in Need (CiN), Families First (Barnsbury and Finsbury)

What we do

  • Skilling up the workforce through mainly focusing on consultation, training and joint work.
  • Co-location within the Children's Services Team (i.e. non health service teams).
  • No formal referral process, thus ensuring ease of access.
  • No inclusion or exclusion criteria.
  • Although the service is called the Parental Mental Health Team, we will work with any adult in the family (adult siblings, grandparents etc.).
  • Each PMH psychologist spends one day per week working in Adult Mental Health Services. (Camden and Islington Personality Disorder Service), allowing for up to date knowledge regarding local mental health services.
  • Remote access to mental health clinical records (RiO) as well as nhs.net email allows for timely liaison with adult mental health services and GPs.

Children and family services we we work within


Islington Families Intensive Team (IFIT) is a multi-disciplinary team with a broad range of training and experience including education, CAMHS, Youth Work, adult Mental Health, employment support and parenting interventions.

IFIT work jointly with other agencies to improve outcomes for young people aged from 10-18 who are deemed to be at significant risk of social exclusion, at risk of custody, involved in / on the periphery of antisocial behaviour and/or offending and those where there is risk of family breakdown and/or eviction.

IFIT provide support for the whole family, via an intensive outreach approach. Support includes practical and therapeutic interventions and access to specialists in adult mental health, CAMHS, education and employment.

More information and details on how to refer


We provide a highly intensive support service for children and young people aged 10-16 years who present serious emotional and behavioural problems in their home and community and have been recognised as being at significant risk of social exclusion, on the edge of care and an Islington foster placement breakdown.

Our dedicated Specialist Multi-Agency team undertakes direct work with the whole family with aim to increase parent(s) or carer(s) understanding, skills and confidence to meet their child or young person's needs and manage their behaviour.

More information and details on how to refer

Families First

Families First works with families from vulnerable groups (e.g. low income, minority ethnic communities, single parents, sick/disabled parents), supporting them to manage their home and money, support their children's learning, set boundaries, keep children safe, and improve their children's health.

The service provides locally-based advice, information and help to the families who need it m ost by tackling difficulties early and stopping them from escalating. A family may have multiple needs including debt, risk of homelessness, domestic violence or problems with drugs or alcohol.

Trained family workers engage families by providing one to one support by telephone, at home or in a convenient local venue. They can also help the family by co-ordinating assistance from other family services such as health, housing, school, young people's services or Jobcentre Plus. Support will range from one-off advice and assistance to regular home visiting for a maximum of nine months.

More information and details on how to refer

Children in Need

The Children in Need (CIN) Service provides support to families to help them to care for their children and young people. We aim to work with parents, carers and young people and other professionals so that families can stay together. The CIN Service consists of several departments that provide social work and a range of specialist and integrated multi-agency and multi-disciplinary direct services, to support children and young people who have been assessed as 'being in need' under the Children ACT 1989 because they are unlikely to meet a reasonable standard of health and development, their health and development would be seriously impaired unless provided with services, or they are disabled.

More information and details on how to refer


If you are worried that a child is experiencing neglect or abuse, whether it is by a family member or someone living nearby, you should contact the Children's Services Contact Team. You do not need to leave your name and your enquiry will be handled by a trained professional. T: 020 7527 7400 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm) T: 020 7527 0992 (at all other times)

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