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Support for researchers

Any research we conduct which involves our patients, staff and/or facilities must have formal approval from C&I's Research & Development (R&D) department before it can go ahead. Our (R&D) department is called Noclor Research Support.
Ensuring the safety of our patients and that the highest ethical standards are maintained means we:
  • Safeguard participants in research
  • Protect researchers/investigators (by providing a clear framework to work within)
  • Enhance ethical and scientific quality
  • Minimise risk
  • Monitor practice and performance
  • Promote good practice and ensure lessons are learned.

In addition to the six points above there are many more requirements which we must fulfil to ensure safe research. Detailed information on this can be found on the Noclor website.

Training for research staff

The R&D department offer free training in the following subjects:

  • Good Clinical Practice in Research
  • Informed Consent in Clinical Research
  • Literature Searching
  • Critical Appraisal Skills in Qualitative and Quantitative Research

See dates and times of upcoming training sessions on the Noclor website here. or email Irina.grinkova@nhs.net

Financial advice and support with grant applications

For advice on costing a research project and/or allocating the costs to the correct funding streams please email contact.noclor@nhs.net

Assistance with study recruitment

Any NIHR portfolio adopted study involving our patients and facilities can get help from the Research Nurses based at Noclor.  The Research Nurses facilitate and promote participant recruitment by, for example, carrying out screening and consent interviews. For more details, email contact.noclor@nhs.net

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