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Why take part in our research?

Health research is beneficial to everyone whether you are perfectly well, or have been ill for a long time.  It helps doctors discover what causes ill-health as well as developing new medicines and healthcare.  Research also helps us improve our health services  so that you can be assured of the most advanced and best quality care.  The C&I research database provides direct clinical benefits to patients, because it enables better clinical audit and NHS service development and evaluation.

How does it work?

Information from C&I NHS clinical records is fed into a research database via a system that removes any information which could lead to identification.  Approved researchers may then use this data to carry out research which might include for example, looking at the causes and consequences of diseases and response to treatment. 

Next steps

Currently the database is only used for research studies which do not require contact with patients. In the future the database may be used to offer people the chance to take part in relevant research studies. If we do this we will contact you so that you can decide whether you want to be involved further.

If you would like any additional information regarding the C&I Research Database, or if you would rather not have your records in the database, please email the C&I Research Database administrator on researchdatabase@candi.nhs.uk

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