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Clinical research is an important part of what we do at C&I. And the reason it’s important is because it enables us to provide our service users with the latest, most innovative techniques available to aid recovery.

If you use our services you will find that our treatments are among the best in the country and are sometimes at the forefront of international thinking and development. To help us ensure we are leading the field we collaborate with other organisations that are also active in research, expanding our knowledge in psychiatry, psychology and nursing.

Our commitment

We are committed to giving our patients the opportunity to be involved in research. By partnering with academics from the divisions of psychiatry, psychology and language sciences at University College London (UCL) we are able to benefit from and contribute to world class research. 

For example in a recent high profile project led by UCL (entitled Strategies for Relatives), research showed that if a family member is given eight brief sessions with a psychologist soon after a relative is diagnosed with dementia, their likelihood of developing depression is reduced seven fold. As we took part in this research we are now  using this model of care across our Trust today.

Our Research and Development department known as Noclor NHS Research Support assesses whether a proposed study is acceptable for the Trust to take on. Noclor ensures the study will be safe and the practices involved are of the highest ethical standard. 

Research publications

C&I contributes to hundreds of publications and research papers each year. See a list of our publications from 2013-2014.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our Research and Development department, or you are interested in taking part in a study, or you would like to conduct a research trial of your own, then please contact Noclor by post, email or phone using the details below.

Noclor Research Support
1st Floor, Bloomsbury Building
St Pancras Hospital
4 St Pancras Way, NW1 0PE

Email: contact.noclor@nhs.net
Tel: 020 3317 3536

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