We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Direct referrals

Direct referrals can be made by GPs to our Primary Care/Practice Based Mental Health Teams in Camden, Islington and Kingston.

For Camden – camden.MHCT@candi.nhs.uk  
For Islington –  islington.MHCT@candi.nhs.uk
For Kingston – kingston.pcmht@candi.nhs.uk
Direct referrals can also be made to the following services:  

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team

This service provides care for all people with mental health problems who are in crisis.

Method: Referrals are by phone only

For help and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week telephone: 020 3317 6333

We will give you an immediate response and advise of our plan. We will assess the individual within 24 hours. You will receive a copy of this assessment within 24 hours of the assessment.

Substance Misuse Service (SMS)

This service provides treatment for people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol and have a complex range of needs.The service is closely integrated with social services and works closely with partner agencies from local charities to provide a full range of services.

Camden Drug Service
Tel: 020 3317 6000

Camden Alcohol Service
Tel: 020 3227 4950
Email: cas@candi.nhs.uk

Islington Drug and Alcohol Service - Better Lives
Tel: 020 3317 6240
Email: betterlivesreferrals@candi.nhs.uk

Method: Referrals to this service can be accepted by phone or fax. People can usually self-refer to SMS and should contact their local service for advice and to arrange an assessment


The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) iCope services provide psychological interventions and therapies for people with common mental health problems, such as anxiety disorders and depression for adults over 18 with a GP in Camden and Islington.  

Method: GPs and other healthcare professionals can refer to our service via the iCope website. Patients can also request appointments directly / self-refer via our website or via phone: Camden on 020 3317 7600 and Islington on 030 3123 1000.   

GPs can also refer directly to us by email: 

For general enquiries about the service please call Camden iCope on 020 3317 6670 or Islington iCope on 020 3317 7252 or see our website www.icope.nhs.uk

Early Intervention Service (EIS)

The Early Intervention Service is for people presenting with mild to severe psychotic phenomena for the first time. They may also have depressed mood,anxiety and/or other behaviours. These are likely to include schizophrenia,schizotypal, delusional and bipolar disorders. Drinking or drug-taking may be present, but will not be the only problem.

Tel: 020 3317 6590
Fax: 020 7813 8720

Method: Referrals can be accepted by phone and fax.

Memory Service

The Memory Service provides assessment, diagnosis and sign-posting for people. The Memory Service provides assessment, diagnosis and sign-posting for people with a suspected or progressive memory impairment.

The Memory Service can take direct referrals.

Islington Memory Service
Tel: 020 7561 4198 
Fax: 020 7619 3590 / 020 7281 7107

Camden Memory Service
Tel: 020 3317 6584
Fax: 020 7431 6987

Method: Referrals can be accepted by email.

Older Adults (Services for Ageing and Mental Health)

Focus Outreach and Street Population Service

These teams work with single homeless people with mental health problems aged 18 and over within the London borough of Camden.

Method: Referrals can be accepted by telephone on 020 3317 6590 or by email: focusduty@candi.nhs.uk

Other services

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