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Cluster labels

Cluster number and label

0 Variance
1 Common mental health problems (low severity)
2 Common mental health problems
3 Non-psychotic (moderate severity)
4 Non-psychotic (severe)5 Non-psychotic (very severe)
6 Non-psychotic disorders of overvalued ideas
7 Enduring non-psychotic disorders (high disability)
8 Non-psychotic chaotic and challenging disorders
9 Blank cluster
10 First episode in psychosis
11 Ongoing recurrent psychosis (low symptoms)
12 Ongoing or recurrent psychosis (high disability)
13 Ongoing or recurrent psychosis (high symptom and disability)
14 Psychotic crisis
15 Severe psychotic depression
16 Dual diagnosis (substance abuse and mental illness)
17 Psychosis and affective disorder difficult to engage
18 Cognitive impairment (low need)
19 Cognitive impairment or dementia (moderate need)
20 Cognitive impairment or dementia (high need)
21 Cognitive impairment or dementia (high physical or engagement)

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