Psychologically Informed Consultation and Training (PICT)

Psychologically Informed Consultation and Training (PICT) is a model of consultation, training and joint working that supports the wider system to work more effectively with people presenting with personality disorder (not necessarily diagnosed) and other complex mental health presentations and challenging behaviours.

PICT places specialists in the following services:

  • Parents with mental health problems - Islington
  • Primary Care services - such as GP and A&E liaison in Camden and Islington
  • Crisis and inpatient acute services - in Camden and Islington
  • 18-24 year old gangs and serious youth violence transitions service - Islington

Our approach

PICT, an innovative service provided by Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust's Personality Disorder Service is founded on a delivery model of "consulting to the system".

The PICT team of psychologists support the existing workforce to work with their service users in a more targeted, proportionate and effective way. We believe a psychologically-informed approach to working with individuals helps services to achieve their primary task, gain better outcomes and improve the experience for service users and staff.

A version of the model was piloted and tested within criminal justice system staff (ie., probation services) with the Impact Project and is now being applied to across a pathway of services in which staff work with adults with personality disorder or complex mental health and challenging behaviours.

PICT vs traditional case management services

PICT uses a consultation and training approach to equip staff working with complex clients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand the person beyond their surface behaviours. Instead, staff are given the opportunity to respond in an informed way to address the client's underlying needs. The focus of any joint working undertaken (ie., PICT psychologist and the frontline practitioner) is to upskill the practitioner. Unlike traditional approaches of statutory mental health services, in which the 'expert' assesses the client, arrives at a diagnosis, and makes recommendations, this approach has an educative and coaching as well as informative function for practitioners, in which they can generalise this new set of psychologically-informed knowledge and skills to potentially all of their service users.

You can find out more about PICT by visiting their website here.

Other services

PICT will complement the LiveWork service and the (One Housing Group) Skills Development Service

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