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Contact LiveWork

For more information on training and consultation services provided by LiveWork, including the KUF Awareness Training, please contact LiveWork@candi.nhs.uk

Alternatively you can call the Camden and Islington Personality Disorder Service where the staff from LiveWork are based on 020 3317 6999

If you would like to contact a member of the team directly:

Stuart JohnChuan (Chartered and Registered Forensic psychologist, LiveWork Lead) stuart.johnchuan@candi.nhs.uk

Ruth Wilson (Assistant Psychologist, LiveWork coordinator) ruth.wilson@candi.nhs.uk

Alan Jones (Nurse Consultant, Primary Care Trainer and Consultant) alan.jones@candi.nhs.uk

Deodata Monero (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Voluntary Sector Trainer and Consultant)deodata.monero@candi.nhs.uk

Farha Choudhary (Counselling Psychologist, Voluntary Sector Trainer) farha.choudhary@candi.nhs.uk

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