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Below is a list of research projects lead by researchers at C&I. 

  • Social deprivation in affective and non-affective psychoses, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Social deprivation as a risk factor for suicidal behaviour in severely depressed individuals, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Social deprivation and access to psychological therapies as determinants of outcome in bipolar disorder, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Prolactin level monitoring in patients prescribed Risperidone or Amisulpride, Lead Researcher: Judith Livingston
  • Risk of readmission following contact with crisis resolution home treatment teams, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Peripheral Eosinophil count and its affect on cognition, Lead Researcher: Adam Zenker
  • Ethnic differences in dementia severity at presentation to memory clinic services, Lead Researcher: Naaheed Mukadam
  • Predicting diagnostic and treatment delays in bipolar disorder, Lead Researcher: Joseph Hayes
  • Assessing trends in mortality in Camden and Islington NHS foundation Trust, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Awareness and response to domestic and sexual abuse (AR-DSA) evaluation, Lead Researcher: Sian Oram 
  • Effectiveness of C&I clinical models in delivering patient benefits, Lead Researcher: David Plummer 
  • The clinical implications of psychotic symptoms in people with depression and anxiety disorders, Lead Researcher: Nomi Werbeloff 
  • Identifying patterns of referrals from A&E to psychiatric liason serivces, Lead Researcher: Nora Turjanski
  • Evaluation of SAMH Home Treatment Team, Lead Researcher: Lucy Wright
  • Capgras delusion in patients presenting to Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, Lead Researcher: Vaughan Bell
  • Comparison study on the content/phenomenology of auditory verbal hallucinations in psychiatric population from 1899 and 2014-16, Lead Researcher: Vaughan Bell
  • Risk Factors for Admission in Individuals with Personality Disorder, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Risk Assesment and increasing safety in dementia, Lead Researcher: Juanita Hoe
  • Substance misuse as a predictor of self-harm in patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Lead Researcher: David Osborn
  • Trajectories of cognitive decline in Dementia patients, Lead Researcher: Elizabeth Baker
  • Investigating adverse effects of psychiatric drugs through data-mining of EHR, Lead Researcher: Ehtesham Iqbal
  • Effects of comorbidities on cognitive decline, Lead Researcher: Steven Kiddle
  • Service Evaluation of Sexual Problems Clinic -Review of referrals to the service presenting complaint and uptake, Lead Researcher: Ahmad Sheraz
  • Patient demographics and clinical characteristics in C&I acute services, Lead Researcher: Adele McKay
  • Characterising patients with dementia at various levels of cognitive impairment, Lead Researcher: Gemma Lewis

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