We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Service users

The Trust is committed to the principle of involving service users in a meaningful way in the planning, delivery and organisation of its services. We believe that service users and carers are 'experts by experience'. It is important to us that the views of service users and carers are valued and acted upon. We are creating a culture of partnership, participative decision making and collaboration.

There are three core levels of involvement. Individual, operational and strategic:

1. Individual

  • To be treated as someone who is an expert about themselves and their own mental health
  • That staff are aware of all the elements of distress and anxiety that can accompany entry or re-entry into services
  • To be asked their opinion
  • To have their views taken into account in the decisions made about them and their care
  • To be fully informed and involved in the plan that is made for their care.

2. Operational

Service users can be expected to be involved in the operational level or the day to day workings of a service.This can be done through attending committees, getting involved in consultations, working groups, taking part in recruitment and selection, filling in questionnaires, reviewing policies and many other projects.

3. Strategic

 This is where service users are involved in the decisions made about overall objectives and direction of service development as well as broad allocations of resources and overarching policy.

At C&I we recognise service users and carers as equal partners in care; and want you to be part of shaping the design and delivery of our services. Please join our involvement register to participate by completing our online form, or contacting our Patient & Carer Experience & Engagement Lead, Joanne Scott at engagement.experience@candi.nhs.uk or by calling 078 3320 0188.

By joining our involvement register you will have opportunities to: 

  • gain information 
  • find out about support 
  • access courses and training
  • help with recruitment
  • participate in quality improvement work

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  • "Service User Involvement has meant a great deal to me. I have not had a hospital admission for over 3 years. Indeed such is the therapeutic benefit of involvement that it is now part of my Care Programme Approach (CPA)" David