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Service User Alliance

The Service User Alliance meetings occur every six weeks. Senior Managers and Service User Representatives gather to discuss and deal with all aspects of the service user journey in Camden and Islington Foundation Trust.

The SUA has been in existence since 2008, it was created to represent the five divisions of Trust services:

1.Substance Misuse

2.Community Mental Health


4.Rehabilitation & Recovery

5.Services for Ageing Mental Health.

Each Division has a service user representative for both the Camden & Islington borough. The service user representative attends a local forum for their particular service division every couple of months and then feeds back any issues or concerns raised to the main Service User Alliance meeting. The minutes from the SUA meetings are submitted to the Camden and Islington Foundation Trust board.

How to get involved

We have a number of service-user groups in the Trust, some are organised by staff for the people who use their services, and others run more independently and meet at other localities across the two Boroughs.

Getting involved in one of the service-user groups and helping other people as well as yourself can be very rewarding. The groups all run very differently, some focus on a sort of self-help and how to get a better understanding of mental health issues, while others are more actively involved in helping the Trust improve services by joining in with service-development workshops, mini –inspections, consultation events and audits.

To find out how and where your local service-user group meets, speak to your care coordinator or the person you regularly see for appointment’s and they will give you the details. On this page is the contact details for some of the more independently run or funded groups.

All service-users groups have a representative who comes to the Service-User Alliance, acting as the ‘voice ‘ for the group, and they also take back information from the Alliance to share with the group.

If you are interested in joining a service-user group, please either speak to your care coordinator or contact one of the group organisers directly.

If you’d like to find out more about the Service-User Alliance and what sort of things it does then place contact me Deborah Wright on the number below. Have fun and be part of something!

Tel: 020 331 7124

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