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Preceptor Development Resources now available

Preceptor Development resources are now available for all organisations to use.  These can be found on the HEE website.
The resources include the following:
Preceptor Development Workshop – resources for trainers to deliver the full day workshop including PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan, activities and trainer guide
Short modules
These are intended for trainer delivery through in-service training, team meetings or other short session opportunities.  Each module focuses on a specific topic and lasts between one hour and 90 minutes.  The modules include presentation slides, lesson plan with approximate timings, presenter notes for slides, activities/role plays as relevant for the module.  The four modules available are:
  • What is Preceptorship? – a one-hour session focusing on the CapitalNurse Preceptorship framework with overviews of roles, responsibilities and an understanding of the framework.  This module includes video clips
  • Assessing learning needs – focuses on assessing learning needs through use of SLOT, understanding how learners learn, translating learning needs into SMART objectives and reviewing these
  • Giving Feedback – this module focuses on giving feedback using Kipling’s Men and IAID model.  It includes role play scenarios
  • Coaching – looks at when coaching is most appropriate in preceptorship and uses the SOAR model to coach preceptees.  Role play scenarios are included
Toolkit Resources
Short documents providing information relating to a specific topic.  These can be used to enhance learning in a particular area or to provide an overview of a topic for further reflection.  These are between one and five pages long and include:
  • Coaching skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gibbs reflection Model
  • Giving feedback
  • Johari window
  • Kipling’s Men
  • Kolb Learning cycle
  • PDSA cycle
  • Reviewing objectives and measuring effectiveness
  • Rolfe et al reflection model
  • Setting objectives
Video clips
These are short video clips talking about the impact of preceptorship for different people in different roles.  These include:
  • Preceptorship project manager
  • Preceptorship lead – acute and primary care
  • Preceptor – primary care
  • Preceptee – acute and primary care
  • Student Nurse
Case Studies
A number of case studies looking at preceptorship from different perspectives and in different organisations with a selection from acute and primary care across London.
Please contact Dean Gimblett, Preceptorship Lead 020 3317 4684. 

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