Board meeting dates and papers

Due to the on-going prevalence of Covid-19 and infection control requirements within NHS premises our Trust Board meetings continue to be virtual.  Members of the public interested in joining the Board's public on-line session should contact for the required meeting link.

Board papers are published here, normally one week ahead of each meeting date. Final minutes are added once approved.

Questions and enquiries to the Board of Directors can be submitted via the Trust Company Secretary on

Please note that recording or filming of Board meetings is not allowed unless explicitly agreed by the Trust Company Secretary beforehand.

2pm, Thursday 26 May 2022
1.30pm, Thursday 16 June 2022
2pm, Thursday 28 July 2022
2pm, Thursday 22 September 2022
2pm, Thursday 24 November 2022
2pm, Thursday 26 January 2023
2pm, Thursday 23 March 2023
2pm, Thursday 24 March 2022
2pm, Thursday 27 January 2022
9am, Thursday 25 November 2021
2pm, Thursday 23 September 2021
2pm, Thursday 22 July 2021


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