We are working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust as the North London Mental Health Partnership.

Community Mental Health Core Teams

Early implementer primary care networks

The new approach rolls out gradually from July 2021 starting with these primary care networks:

Central Islington Core Community Mental Health Team

  • Islington Central 1 PCN
  • Islington Central 2 PCN

Kentish Town Core Community Mental Health Team

  • Kentish Town South PCN
  • Kentish Town Central PCN

These PCNs include 17 GP surgeries. View the list of practices list here

With the exception of new referral forms being provided to some practices, there are no immediate changes to community mental health services, referral processes or eligibility criteria. The new core teams will work with local communities, health and care colleagues and others to develop new pathways and services over the coming months.


New Core Community Mental Health teams

Core community mental health teams and include mental health experts from the NHS, social care and voluntary sector.

Core teams will deliver and coordinate care for adults in their area with mental health problems including those with co-existing conditions like addiction and frailty. They’re expected to:

  • prevent and treat mental health problems
  • assess and manage physical health problems
  • provide support to help people into or stay in work or education
  • link people to housing and supported accommodation
  • connect them to local services (eg leisure, faith groups) and online resources.

Teams will carry out checks for mental health and physical health problems. They’ll provide evidence-based social, psychological, and pharmacological treatments as well as support in areas like:

  • housing
  • employment, education, and training
  • social care
  • managing personal finances
  • help accessing benefits
  • support for those with depression, diabetes or caring responsibilities.

More information about the new approach can be found in detailed guidance on this external website.  

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