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Getting involved

We want our new facilities to be the best they can be and we know we can only achieve that by co-designing them with our service users, carers and staff.

With the current focus being on how the new hospital in Highgate will function and look, we are continuing to involve service users and carers by attending their group meetings; providing updates, answering questions and gathering their views and ideas on the latest discussions. Service user representatives are also involved in the workshops we are holding with our clinical planners and architect.

In addition, we are developing our database of people who want to be involved. These individuals will become members of the Online Information and Feedback Group (a virtual group). They will receive the latest updates on plans for the new hospital and have the opportunity to provide timely feedback as the plans evolve.

To join, please email communications@candi.nhs.uk You will receive updates by email and can simply email back any feedback you have.

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